Fellow countrymen and women, greetings and welcome to our motherland for Nigeria Youth Federation

Introduction: By the national population census, Nigeria was 172 million. The figure makes Nigeria the most populous black nation in the world. It has been estimated that Nigeria is three times the size of South Africa and Egypt. In terms of geographical boundaries, the country is comparable to an amalgam of Italy, Belgium, France and Holland. This stunning revelation made Nigeria a prominent country in the African continent and the entire world. More so, the available huge market for manufactured goods, the abundance of natural resources and the arable land have always been an interest to investors both within and abroad. Nigeria is very blessed with agricultural resources as you would remember that the greens in between a white flag is a symbol and significant of agricultural land. Most part of the country experience rich soil and good rainfall not to mention the warm temperature year round. In 1960 the prospect of Nigeria becoming the leader of African continent was rightly taken for granted having regard to its great human and natural resources The unlimited potentials and prospects justify these high hopes.

The prospects remain high while our history has been a story of failure, a story of squandered resources and missed opportunities of monumental projects of institutionalized corruption, massive and merciless looting by person or persons in government as “Wole Soyinka once question “the ambivalence about the national question bears witness to the broader uncertainties among many Nigerians, except for those who have benefited directly from the status quo.” Most view the exercise of authority and political practice in Nigeria as morally bankrupt. “Does a state shamelessly plundered by a succession of rules have any legitimate claim on the loyalty of its citizenry? Can a nation be reborn, redeemed and resurrected from below? Until we purse and answer our own question, we would continue to live under the perpetual yoke of indignity and tyranny.

It is in this regard that we are moving forward with the Nigeria Youth Federation for Project Democracy pledged with dedication and commitment to mobilize patriotic youthful men and women who recognize major disable factors in moving Nigeria ahead and return her pride of place in the community of Nations. That looting, bribery and corruption, nepotism, tribalism, political assassination, black mail and slander, corporate corruption and all forms of government unethical activities constitute an act of betrayal, sabotage and terror. These are totally unacceptable and are dangerous as state terrorism such as Boko Haram

Our movement is peaceful and democratic, we are the people, we are Nigeria, we are moving forward to establish a NATIONAL YOUTH WORK FORCE

Those who are familiar with the sovereignty of a Nation, will bear witness to the extent a nation can tolerate from her subjects. Tribalism and globalization has staged an assault on state sovereignty exploiting its vulnerabilities in politics but nation states will persist, albeit in changed form especially in its control of power fiscal policies and other policies. 

Our objective is to push out the stumbling blocks, explore and apply methods and meaningful ways of tackling these issues through appropriate legislative methods. We believe that there  are good and honest people in the national assembly who would like to see Nigeria return to her pride in the comity of Nations

Let us not because of our callousness abandon the youth for they will seek alternatives to join Boko Haram.  Provide them with tools and equipment to transform the country. It is a revolutionary world we are living.

We also want to make it clear, that this is not about politics tribalism or religion. It is about NIGERIA FOR NIGERIA. “We want to fight tribalism because tribalism kills the spirit of unity. We fight corruption because it is another form of terror. We fight nepotism because opportunity is fundamental right to dignity. We fight these ills, with the growing conviction that a major progress is within our reach. The task of development is urgent and difficult yet the way is clear.

Thank you.

Ike Mbanefo