Who Are We?

Nigeria Youth Federation is an NGO a non profit public benefit corporation whose mission is to promote the welfare of the youth by learning, teaching  and understanding the principle of democratic system of government.

We are peaceful, nonviolent, nonreligious nontribal and no sectionalism. We believe on equal opportunity for all Nigerians.

We are moving forward to unleash the positive image of the country by doing good things to engage ourselves in educational learning and understanding the different socio-economic cleaveges of the country through art and creativities, entrepreneural skills, participating in agreicultural projects and other various sustainable programs for self reliance The main thing is JOB CREATION in creativities and constructions. Through Art, workshops, conferences, discussions, dialogues etc. are distinct powerful contribution to the development of a vibrant, inclusive and compassionate society. Arts foster community connectedness by providing Nigerians the opportunity to see and understand our differences – and commonalities -- in new ways.

We are calling all Nigerian youths  JOIN NOW